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My Letter to Delta

Here is the letter I recently sent Delta regarding the absolute NIGHTMARE we had getting to and from New York for Andy’s graduation. They needed to know on how many levels they failed (in an EPIC way), so this was the letter I penned expressing my displeasure with their policies and their customer service. To...


I’m not even going to go into the trauma that was traveling to graduation.  Misplaced luggage, missing carseats, 5 canceled flights, almost 4 hours on the tarmac, broken planes, nasty customer service agents, make believe thunderstorms.  Anything Delta could have done to fail, it did.  In an epic way.  What little time we did have...

Bonjour Paris!

We returned from Europe only a few days ago and we have been working at breakneck pace to try to get back into the normal schedule of everyday life.  After six loads of laundry, some cleaning, picking the cats up, and going back to work immediately upon returning, we’re finally ready to reflect upon our...

New Pictures

We finally added some new pictures from the winter holidays and of our new home in Miami.  If you want to see pictures of our home in Miami, click here. If you want to see our Christmas vacation photos, just scoll down because I added them right into the post.  Check them out!