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A Few Pictures

A Few Pictures

Here are a few pictures that I don’t have time to create individual posts for, but they’re all off my iPhone, so it’s pretty much just pictures of the kids from the last two months.
Christmas Photos

Christmas Photos

At Christmas, we had a full house of family gathered.  It was the first time Riley understood how to unwrap presents, even if he didn’t understand a whole lot besides that.  He learned who Santa is (and now anyone with a beard and dressed in red is Santa) and received more Thomas the Tank Engine...

Julie’s Wedding

Riley went to his second wedding last month – not too shabby for someone who hasn’t hit the one year mark.  One of my closest friends, Julie, got married just before Christmas in Nashville, so we made the trek up there for her special day.  She was one of my bridesmaids and remains a close...

Santa Baby

Riley met Santa Claus yesterday and it was so much fun to be on the parenting side of it for the first time.  I agonized over the outfit he would wear and kept changing my mind before finally settling on this reindeer ensemble.  This is a picture that we will always have, a moment that...


Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving festivities. I hope to have some time to post more info soon.

Fall Pictures

We took a few photos today at the park, trying to take advantage of the fall colors and the beautiful autumn day, so enjoy these rare family photos (some of which I’m actually in!), which, though amateur, are not too shabby.  The lighting isn’t great and they aren’t terribly artistic (just plain old portraits), but...

The Rest of the San Francisco Trip

SFO Photos, the First Few Days

The Last Three Weeks in Pictures

There has been a lot going on in the last few weeks and a lot of pictures have been taken. From his first few meals of baby rice cereal to his first time at the park, his first visit to Vanderbilt, my first Mother’s Day, and more, here is a sampling of our lives over...

The Many Faces of My Riley

Playing with the New Camera

We just bought the new camera.  Here are some of the photos we took yesterday around the house – most of them of Riley’s smiles!

Chris and Dylan’s Visit Photos (and others)