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Dylan Watch – August 2009 Edition

Here are the latest pictures of that gorgeous nephew of ours.  He’s getting so big and it makes us really sad to be so far away from him.  We know that someday all the moving will end and one day Chris, Allison and Dylan will be able to join us on a big family vacation. ...

April’s Edition of “Dylan Watch”

I received new photos of our oh-so-handsome (and gigantic) nephew and I got in trouble for not putting them up immediately (sorry Christopher).  So here are the latest pictures of the not-so-little, little guy.  I’m getting excited because in about 4.5 weeks I get to spend the weekend with him (and Chris and Allison, too)!...

Pictures of Dylan

We’re starting the process of receiving and uploading pictures of our nephew, Dylan.  For now, take a look at the few pictures we have so far (courtesy of Allison’s sister, Lisa).  He’s very cute and we can’t wait to see him in person in five weeks. View Dylan pictures HERE!

We Have a Nephew

We have a nephew now!  I called my brother about 10 minutes ago and we became the first to hear the baby crying (besides Chris and Allison and the doctors and nurses of course).  He’s finally here!  After about 40 hours of labor (good grief!), Dylan Michael Pelant has joined the world!  Apparently, he’s enormous. ...