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Mythstarters: Travis Barker

Mythstarters: Travis Barker

Blink-182′s (un)charismatic drummer Travis Barker secretly wishes he was as good at drumming as former Smashing Pumpkins rhythm man, Jimmy Chamberlin, who is, after all, the greatest drummer of all time. Yes, those are three drumsticks in his hands. He’s that good.

Mythstarters: Pirate Music

Nobody hates pirate music.  Nobody.

A Few Quick Updates

If you take a look at our Music page, you will find several new songs created by Andy’s band As Long As Yellow.  He spent much of his summer break working on writing songs, recording them with Chris and Matt, and mixing and mastering them for far more hours than he’d probably care to admit. ...

The Busiest Weekend We’ve Had in a Very Long Time

The weekend passed in a blur for us.  We were home only long enough to sleep a few hours and shower/change clothes.  Typically, we lead a reasonably quiet existence, spending an occasional evening with friends.  Somehow, this last weekend, tons of people were in town and wanted to hang out, and we couldn’t bring ourselves...

The Last Several Days

We’ve had a busy and eventful (though not always exciting) last ten days or so, but I’ve been completely devoid of time to update.  So here’s a rough outline of what’s been going on. Vegas trip – I was in Vegas for about five days, but it was probably the least exciting Vegas trip you...


First and foremost, there’s new music up on our music page.  Andy finally uploaded some songs he worked on over the break.  They’re both some of the best work he’s worked on – cover songs of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” and Oasis’ “Wonderwall.”  It’s good stuff.  Once he takes the Step 1, expect...