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November Recap

Several people have brought it to my attention that I have been a bit lacking in blog posts as of late.  I can assure you it isn’t laziness that has kept me from posting, or a lack of things about which to write, but rather a complete lack of time and energy to actually sit...

Where We Are, Where We’ve Been, and What We’ve Done

I am finally getting around to blog updates.  Finally!  It seems like Maryland is a world away from where we are now and a lifetime ago that we were moving out of our apartment.  So much has happened since we left, so I’ll try to begin filling in the gaps, but I may forget a...

The Short Version

There has been a ton going on, but I wanted to post a VERY brief summary of our lives in the last week.   Once I catch my breath, there will probably be 3 posts about all the things that have happened, but for now, here’s the short version. #1. We moved out of our place...


Would parking next to this give you a complex?  No wonder my Saturn has started to look so old and dated… Anything does when it sits next to this car for a few months at a time. Actual photo from our space in the parking garage in Miami of a neighbor’s Lamborghini.

Renting a Car

Last week we had a lot to do – not that that’s any different from the typical week for us.  We desperately needed to get groceries.  Since I don’t have the time to go to Roseau anymore, we have to work with what’s available in the Portsmouth area.  Andy also had stuff to do on...