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Monthly archive July, 2011
Delta Update

Delta Update

I heard back from Delta (finally).  They responded to my letter (and actually responded because it addressed each paragraph).  My dad’s complaint yielded him a $75 credit for himself and for Andy and for me.  My inquiry yielded us 15,000 frequent flyer miles each, along with a 1,000 point bonus because of the broken plane...
Personal Training Is Awesome

Personal Training Is Awesome

I’m in my fourth week of personal training and I love it more and more every session.  My trainer, Ty, is (to use my favorite word) amazeballs.  Yes, I know that’s not a real word.  In any event, I can tell how effective our sessions are already (and we’ve only had seven).  Andy noticed that...
New Posts Coming Soon... I Swear

New Posts Coming Soon… I Swear

Just to get my darling Father off my back, I promise there will be blog posts soon.  Bastille Day, 4th of July and my dad’s visit, and Personal Training Update will all be coming soon (this weekend in all likelihood).  But for now, just enjoy these cute pictures of Riley playing on his kiddie pool....