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Monthly archive February, 2011

Watch “Riley goes shopping” on YouTube

New Video: “Riley’s Birthday Cake!!” on YouTube

The Last Ten Pounds

As most of you know, I followed Jillian Michaels’ super strict 30 day challenge in the fall.  I lost just shy of 10 pounds and 18 inches from my whole body.  Not too shabby, right?  I’m right about where I was at my first pre-natal appointment +about 2 pounds – which is 60 pounds from...


As usual these days, I have been remiss in my updates. It is unlikely that updates will be frequent in the next 3 months as life will be full of changes for us.  Absolutely full of them.  Andy has less than a week of rotations left and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to...

Birthday Photos

I’ll update later more with what’s been going on around here over the last month or so, but I wanted to get the pictures from Riley’s party online.  We all had a great time at his party with friends and family, eating cake, talking, and watching the kids play.  I can’t believe he’s already a...

Gone Fishing

The first warm day we’ve had in months happened a few weeks ago.  In honor of the sun making his presence known once more, we ventured to the lake to feed the ducks, walk around the lake, and go fishing.  Granted, Andy never catches fish, but it doesn’t stop him from pretending.


We ventured down to Savannah for one of Andy’s interviews and wandered the parks, streets, and historic locations downtown.  It’s a really beautiful city which we would welcome the opportunity to visit again.

Snow Pictures

5 inches of snow in Atlanta is a newsworthy event.  What else can you do but play in the snow, go sledding in makeshift toboggans, and take pictures of mundane objects covered in a thick coating of snow and ice.