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Monthly archive February, 2010

Riley’s First Photoshoot

11 Days and Counting

I honestly thought I’d be posting so much more about Riley in his first few days and weeks.  It seems like everyone I know has thousands of baby pictures from their child’s (especially first child’s) first few weeks.  Unfortunately, I think we’ve been slacking in that department.  I’m always the photographer in the family, but...

Riley’s First Week

I really can’t believe it’s been a week since Riley was born.  The time has absolutely flown by.  Already he’s growing and changing and it almost breaks my heart because I know how fast time is going to fly by.  He’s becoming more aware of his environment, examining the paintings on the walls, looking around,...

The Birth

While I don’t want to overshare my own birth story, bringing Riley into the world was a truly magical experience, though one far removed from what we anticipated.  As we discussed in a previous post, we scheduled an elective induction at 39.5 weeks because we suspected he was quite large and because of difficult work...

Riley’s First Whole Day

Here are some pictures from Riley’s first full day! Riley had a fun and busy day, and meanwhile the rest of the city of Atlanta was locked down in several inches of snow that started falling shortly after noon.

Riley James Herda, Born 2-11-2010

Riley James Herda was born today at 5:09 pm EST at 8 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches.  He and mommy are both happy and healthy and resting comfortably.  We will update with more information later.  Here are the first sets of photos taken in the first hours of Riley’s life.

Pregnancy Update: The Final Days

I’m now 39.5 weeks pregnant and we’ve scheduled our induction. Finally, we have a timeline for getting this baby out! We’ll go into the hospital Wednesday night for the first stage of induction (administering Cervidil) and then the doctor will administer Pitocin the next morning to stimulate contractions. We’re hoping that everything progresses quickly, safely,...

Chateau Elan

Andy and I took our last romantic vacation together (for what will be a long, long time I’m sure) a few weeks ago.  It wasn’t exactly a vacation though, as we only stayed away one night and only went about 40 minutes away, but it was still an enjoyable escape.  We went to Chateau Elan,...