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Monthly archive December, 2009

There Will Be Updates!

Give me a day or two to get the house back to normal working order after two weeks of holidays, visitors (11 in all), presents, food, etc. There are pictures to be uploaded and more than a few stories to tell. Sure, I updated the blog more often in Dominica, but that’s because there was...

Random Quotes from the Last Few Weeks

“Leave it to Billy Mays to be loud enough to do commercials from the afterworld.” (in regards to a Billy Mays commercial being played at the airport today) “If I were such a talented athlete that I could sponsor anything, I would sponsor ice cream too.”  (in regards to WR Larry Fitzgerald being plastered all...

November Recap

Several people have brought it to my attention that I have been a bit lacking in blog posts as of late.  I can assure you it isn’t laziness that has kept me from posting, or a lack of things about which to write, but rather a complete lack of time and energy to actually sit...