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Monthly archive October, 2009

The Final Week

After much prodding, I’m finally updating the blog.  Things have just been too busy around here to find the time.  We move out of our apartment in Maryland in about a week and, unfortunately, we really haven’t started packing yet.  Over the last few weeks we’ve had to find a place to live in Atlanta,...

Escape from Maryland: Shenandoah

Over the weekend, Andy and I took a very necessary break from the hectic, chaotic, busy, and exhausting lives we lead and escaped the big city and went to the mountains.  We drove about 2 hours away to Shenandoah National Park and stayed at their Skyland Lodge on Saturday and Sunday.  It was a breath...

Another Baby Update

I hate that all my recent posts have been 100% baby related (theoretically, we’re supposed to have lives, too, right?), but between work and Andy’s rotation, just about the only thing I seem to have time to do is go to the doctor!  I already blogged about both our ultrasounds, which went really well, so...