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Monthly archive September, 2009

More Ultrasounds

Last week, we went into DC to get a detailed look at Riley from the radiologists (so we can give that info to my ob/gyn in Nashville when I visit on Thursday).  They checked for the presence of all his fingers and toes, heart function, kidney function, spine and bone structure, brain and head size,...

It’s a Boy! Meet Riley James!

Well, we got the big news today and it’s a boy (our ultrasound tech knew instantly)!  His name is Riley James Herda and we’re both very, very excited.  We got quite a few pictures today in the ultrasound, despite the fact that he wasn’t really cooperating a whole lot.  He’s breach right now and hiding...


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Poll: Boy or Girl?

Hopefully within the next week or so, Andy and I will be finding out if we are having a boy or a girl, so we wanted to take the opportunity to see what you guys think.  I’m all over the place in terms of the typical wives tales on what we’re having so I’ll try...

Everything and Nothing

What have we been up to? Everything and nothing.  We both have been working like crazy – Andy is sometimes at the hospital up to 55 hours a week and the early part of the month is always my busiest. We still haven’t seen as much of DC as we’d like because once the weekend...