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Monthly archive June, 2009

News and Updates for June 2009

Much has happened since our Europe trip, but there has been little time to stop and think about it all, let alone blog about it.  I’ll try to sort it all out now. First, Andy was finally able to schedule his core rotations, so we can now plan for the next year of our lives. ...

Prague: Czechin’ it Out

I didn’t know how to condense the next part, so I’ll just break it up by days and if the post gets too long (which it totally will), you can stop on a given day and come back and read it later.  I know it’s an overwhelming amount of text, but I’d never been to...

Bonjour Paris!

We returned from Europe only a few days ago and we have been working at breakneck pace to try to get back into the normal schedule of everyday life.  After six loads of laundry, some cleaning, picking the cats up, and going back to work immediately upon returning, we’re finally ready to reflect upon our...