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Monthly archive May, 2009

That Doesn’t Make Sense

Courtney’s first quote! Courtney to Andy: “Why would you do something that makes so much sense?” Andy: “What?”

The Busiest Weekend We’ve Had in a Very Long Time

The weekend passed in a blur for us.  We were home only long enough to sleep a few hours and shower/change clothes.  Typically, we lead a reasonably quiet existence, spending an occasional evening with friends.  Somehow, this last weekend, tons of people were in town and wanted to hang out, and we couldn’t bring ourselves...

The Last Several Days

We’ve had a busy and eventful (though not always exciting) last ten days or so, but I’ve been completely devoid of time to update.  So here’s a rough outline of what’s been going on. Vegas trip – I was in Vegas for about five days, but it was probably the least exciting Vegas trip you...

New Music!

There’s new music on the “Music” page of our site.  Just a note, most of these songs will probably appeal to a younger audience. I know there’s much I have to update on the last week, but this will have to be sufficient for now.  Enjoy the new music!


I just spent the weekend in Los Angeles and had the most wonderful time.  It was a short trip, far too short, but I had a lot of fun.  Saturday morning Andy drove me to the airport for my flight – the first flight I’ve taken without him since we got married (he’s currently skiing in...

We’re Free

Andy took the Step 1 on Wednesday for eight very long hours and now he is finally free!  All he can do now is wait for his scores and finally relax and take a break.  He’s been going through school without a break for almost two years, which is harder than it sounds if you...