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Monthly archive February, 2009

My 25 Things

I’ve been tagged a bunch on Facebook to post the “25 Random Things” about me, but I haven’t had the time to work on it at all.  Since the people who tagged me read the blog, I figured I’d just put it here instead.  So here are 25 random facts about me. 1.  I spent...

Key Biscayne

We decided to make our way across the causeway with the goal of exploring Key Biscayne, continuing our very slow exploration of the Miami area.  Every week we seem to tick off one or two things on our to-do list and since I hadn’t seen Key Biscayne yet we decided to head there.  We drove...

More Pictures of Our Handsome Nephew

He’s gorgeous!  Here are some new pictures of the handsome devil!

Valentine’s Day Fun

Saturday was a fun day for us – a day of leisure and romance and fun.  We made our way to South Beach in the afternoon and spent almost as long searching for a parking spot as we did on the beach.  Traffic was heavily congested and every spot was filled, entire garages were blocked...

This and That

I really wanted to title this post “Porn for Women” but knowing what I know about search rankings and the permanence of the internet I decided against it.  Nevertheless, if you have ever seen the book of the same title in a book store, you understand the reference.  If not, I’ll explain.  The title sounds...


Andy and I can now say we’ve finally seen a little more of Miami than just the area around our little condo; it only took about three weeks and his parents visiting us!  We’ve certainly been complaining about our crazy schedules and being shut-ins for the last few weeks, so it’s about time we did...