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Monthly archive January, 2009

Miami Updates

I wish I had exciting stories of traveling around Miami, stories about sightseeing, unique experiences, or fun things, but we really haven’t done anything while we’ve been here.  Andy’s spent most days shuttling between classes downtown, classes in South Miami, clinicals in Pembroke Pines (which is like 40 miles away, so with Miami traffic it...

We Just Wanted to Sleep In!

After an incredibly busy week filled with work and school and very, very early mornings for both of us, we were very much looking forward to a lazy Sunday when we could sleep in all morning.  In fact, I had been looking forward to it all week.  It felt like such a rare treat to...

New Pictures

We finally added some new pictures from the winter holidays and of our new home in Miami.  If you want to see pictures of our home in Miami, click here. If you want to see our Christmas vacation photos, just scoll down because I added them right into the post.  Check them out!

The 2008 Holidays

A Weekend in Paradise

For the first time in a long time, I feel rested.  This has been the first weekend we had where we didn’t have to pack for something, run errands that involved packing or moving, or go somewhere for the ultimate purpose of packing or moving.  The last month has been unbearable for us – sure,...

Bienvenidos a Miami!

Well, we arrived in Miami safe and sound and sooner than expected.  We anticipated 14-16 hours of driving, it ended up being only about 13, which we spread out over two days.  After arriving, our landlord gave us a tour of the facilities (pool, spa, cabanas – yes, I said cabanas, gym, steam room, etc.) ...

Nashville Updates

Time is going by so quickly.  Many of our friends who still have a few semesters left on the island are already there.  It still really feels like we just now arrived home!  But in less than a week we have to pack up the car and drive, drive, drive, and drive some more to...

On the Road Again

It’s been a while since I blogged, mostly because we’ve been traveling so much and I really never had the time.  Once we arrived in San Francisco, we spent an entire week shopping, walking, eating, traveling, and have a really great time in the city.  We went to Napa for a wine tasting, Monterey to...