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Monthly archive November, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Today marks our second Thanksgiving on the island, the second time we’ll be giving our thanks far from home, far from family, and far from much of what we would usually express our thanks for.  Nevertheless, we still have much to be thankful for, despite the fact that Dominica will never feel like home for...

Pictures of Dylan

We’re starting the process of receiving and uploading pictures of our nephew, Dylan.  For now, take a look at the few pictures we have so far (courtesy of Allison’s sister, Lisa).  He’s very cute and we can’t wait to see him in person in five weeks. View Dylan pictures HERE!

Barbados Photos

We’ve posted an album containing pictures from our Barbados trip.  It’s in our Photos section. Click here to see them!

We Have a Nephew

We have a nephew now!  I called my brother about 10 minutes ago and we became the first to hear the baby crying (besides Chris and Allison and the doctors and nurses of course).  He’s finally here!  After about 40 hours of labor (good grief!), Dylan Michael Pelant has joined the world!  Apparently, he’s enormous. ...

Barbados, Part 2

Now here’s the part where we were actually in Barbados.  After the stress and frustration of losing an entire day on what was just an extended weekend, we were visibly crestfallen.  We arrived Friday afternoon at around 1:30 and met George and Linda in the lobby of the Hilton Barbados (they had been there since...

Barbados, Part 1

This post will take me several days to finish, so bear with me.  Our trip did not go as planned (at all), but it was still a great trip.  Barbados is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and we know that we will go back.  So here begins our vacation saga....

We Made It… Eventually

Well, we arrived in Barbados.  Not when we were supposed to, or even on the right day, but we did eventually get here in one piece, with our luggage in tow.  Liat somehow managed to screw up a simple one hour, non-stop flight that covers about 100 miles.  It’s a very long and very strange...

Nashville, I Miss You

After an insanely long day of work (it’s only Wednesday and I’ve put in almost 40 hours this week), Andy and I sat down together to watch the CMA awards (country music association, for those who don’t know).  Nothing makes us think of home quite so much as the sweet sounds of country music and...

November Physical Examiner

Here’s November’s edition of the Ross University Physical Examiner. The next one will be my last issue, so enjoy the second to last edition I will have worked on.  Enjoy! Read it here!

Long Days

Work is beyond chaotic so I’ll only post a few words (I’m just sick of the political stuff still being up on top).  We’re still surviving, although I’m so exhausted I can barely get my thoughts to form into complete sentences.  As part of my job, we have reports that are supposed to go out...

Mean and Dirty

That’s what election season is – mean and dirty.  People are so cruel to each other when politics is involved and this year it’s a glorified bloodbath.  Voltaire defended free speech, but maybe he should have held his tongue.  It seems that during election season, if you air innocuous personal opinions you’re at the mercy...

Reason #798 of Why We Can’t Wait to Get off the Island

Tonight as we were about to climb into our bed, we found this vile monster climbing across our mosquito net.  We had been lucky enough to make it 14 months sans centipedes, but I guess that luck has run out.  Now I have a headache and an icky taste in my mouth from having fumigated...