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Monthly archive August, 2007

Oh the Pain of Registration!

This is a post done in two parts. One part I wrote in the interminable waiting period leading up to registration and then I’ll add my update of all the activities from yesterday. Time: Approx. 12:00; 8/30/07 Location: Classroom 6- waiting to register I’m sitting quietly in classroom 6, stomach growling, waiting for Andy to...

Pictures of the Cottage Inside

Thoughts for a Wednesday Afternoon: An Exploration in 3 Acts

Act I: Yours, Mine, and Ours “Mine!” It is one of the first words children learn. A certain sense of ownership seems inherent in all of us, and is probably one of the main reasons sharing is such a difficult concept to learn. On a small scale and at a young age, sharing seems okay...

Hurray! We Received Our Box!

Finally… six days after its supposed arrival on the island (according to the package tracking gods at DHL), our giant box arrived and was delivered to us… all 107 pounds of it. Total cost for both packages including customs and delivery: $300 EC or $112 US (not counting the $600 US it cost to ship...

Why DHL Sucks… And Other Observations…

So I lied. We really didn’t go to the Emerald Pool yesterday. We stayed in most of yesterday and only left to go work out because of how icky I felt with these ridiculous bug bites – 110 in all. That’s right… 110. No exaggeration. The most infuriating part is that Andy has 2 bites....

Thanks Jeftobel

This is a shout-out to Jeftobel, our resident famous artist.  The title graphic of this lovely website got a nice refit thanks to Jeff.  Definitely looks more pirate-y.  So the next Kubuli beer I drink will be for you Jeff.

Gross Bug Bites!

Itch itch itch itch. That’s all I can think about. Somehow the Off! bug spray doesn’t seem to be working very well for me. I have at least 30 or 40 bites now that are on nearly every inch of my body. It itches so badly I can barely find the words to explain how...

Beach Day!

Just a few pictures submitted for your approval.

Another Day on the Island

Another day has passed and it seems each new day we start to learn a bit more about how things work here.  After buying some produce from the shacks, we discovered that on Friday evenings there are pickup trucks filled with fresh produce – really beautiful produce- located around the area at pretty good prices...

The Initial Plunderings

Here are some pictures from our first few days on the island. Enjoy!

First Thoughts

My first thought is that the days move slowly here. Gone are the days of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the constant rush against traffic, the ever-present daily grind. Welcome to the Caribbean, where days linger on – teaching you to enjoy every minute of your time here. Hours ebb and flow with...