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Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

“Did you just kiss me in the Bluetooth?” -Andy

Watch “Cataloochee Ski Day” on YouTube

Yay for Music!

Not that there’s anything new on our band page (other than a neatsy keen bio… did I spell that right?), we’re just trying to generate some interest and traffic in anticipation of our new releases due to come out starting early January.  If you’re interested in my music at all, feel free to post some...

This Is Fatherhood 3

Yesterday I got home early from work and my 8 month old boy was being the sweetest little angel child.  He would play happily, cuddle, and say “dada” with no fussing.  Today I’m on a business trip and my wife reported that he is restless and not happy with anything.  Could my baby actually be...

This Is Fatherhood 2

I gashed my finger assembling a baby gate 10 days ago by drilling an electric phillips head screwdriver directly into my index finger.  I had it wrapped and I was put on a five day course of antibiotics and I still have a noticeable dent in my finger.  This is Fatherhood.

This Is Fatherhood 1

Right now both my wife and I have the Thomas the Tank Engine song stuck in our heads and its been like 16 hours since we watched the show with our son.  I don’t even know the lyrics and somehow I’m still managing to finish the song in my head and loop back around to...

Grinding My Gears – Courtney Edition

In honor of Tyler’s return to blogging, I have been inspired to create my own “grinds my gears” post.  It’s late and I’m tired, so I don’t have much, but here goes. Things that grind my gears: People who think they know more than they do.  I have a client right now who owns a...

My Favorite Lord of the Rings Character

“I like Sauron better than I like Frodo. I can’t stand him.” -Courtney

Random Quotes from the Last Few Weeks

“Leave it to Billy Mays to be loud enough to do commercials from the afterworld.” (in regards to a Billy Mays commercial being played at the airport today) “If I were such a talented athlete that I could sponsor anything, I would sponsor ice cream too.”  (in regards to WR Larry Fitzgerald being plastered all...

Poll: Boy or Girl?

Hopefully within the next week or so, Andy and I will be finding out if we are having a boy or a girl, so we wanted to take the opportunity to see what you guys think.  I’m all over the place in terms of the typical wives tales on what we’re having so I’ll try...

It’s Not A Lizard

No, this isn’t a Dominica post, just a funny quote from a conversation with my brother.  The biggest question you get when you’re pregnant, after the required “how far along are you/when are you due” pleasantries, is “do you know if it’s a boy or a girl.”  The truth is, we don’t know yet but...

A Few Quick Updates

If you take a look at our Music page, you will find several new songs created by Andy’s band As Long As Yellow.  He spent much of his summer break working on writing songs, recording them with Chris and Matt, and mixing and mastering them for far more hours than he’d probably care to admit. ...