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Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

“Did you just kiss me in the Bluetooth?” -Andy

My Favorite Lord of the Rings Character

“I like Sauron better than I like Frodo. I can’t stand him.” -Courtney

Random Quotes from the Last Few Weeks

“Leave it to Billy Mays to be loud enough to do commercials from the afterworld.” (in regards to a Billy Mays commercial being played at the airport today) “If I were such a talented athlete that I could sponsor anything, I would sponsor ice cream too.”  (in regards to WR Larry Fitzgerald being plastered all...

It’s Not A Lizard

No, this isn’t a Dominica post, just a funny quote from a conversation with my brother.  The biggest question you get when you’re pregnant, after the required “how far along are you/when are you due” pleasantries, is “do you know if it’s a boy or a girl.”  The truth is, we don’t know yet but...

That Doesn’t Make Sense

Courtney’s first quote! Courtney to Andy: “Why would you do something that makes so much sense?” Andy: “What?”

The Funniest Thing Andy Has Said to Me Lately

So the husband and I were having a serious conversation that went strangely, horribly wrong yesterday and it left me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. It went something like this: Andy: “Hey babe, this picture looks just like you. (pauses) Except you’re not a black guy with a mustache.” Me: “Ummmm…”...

Andy’s Cooking Guidelines

The other day, Andy was making his lunch (a Hungry Man microwave meal).  I told him to follow the instructions on the box, but he didn’t want to.  He figured if he just totaled up the total number of minutes on the box, it’d be fine.  His reasoning as he explained it to Tyler was...

Mean and Dirty

That’s what election season is – mean and dirty.  People are so cruel to each other when politics is involved and this year it’s a glorified bloodbath.  Voltaire defended free speech, but maybe he should have held his tongue.  It seems that during election season, if you air innocuous personal opinions you’re at the mercy...

Dominican Autopsies

Today Andy went to Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau as part of a mini-clinical rotation experience.  This was our conversation when he got home, proof that some of our conversations on this island are pretty strange. Courtney: So how was the day at the hospital? Andy: It was really good. Courtney: Which rotations did you...