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Yay for Music!

Not that there’s anything new on our band page (other than a neatsy keen bio… did I spell that right?), we’re just trying to generate some interest and traffic in anticipation of our new releases due to come out starting early January.  If you’re interested in my music at all, feel free to post some...

Grinding My Gears – Courtney Edition

In honor of Tyler’s return to blogging, I have been inspired to create my own “grinds my gears” post.  It’s late and I’m tired, so I don’t have much, but here goes. Things that grind my gears: People who think they know more than they do.  I have a client right now who owns a...

A Few Quick Updates

If you take a look at our Music page, you will find several new songs created by Andy’s band As Long As Yellow.  He spent much of his summer break working on writing songs, recording them with Chris and Matt, and mixing and mastering them for far more hours than he’d probably care to admit. ...


Last night we were driving to go to dinner (mmm Cheesecake Factory) and go Christmas shopping and it really started to hit me. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” came on the radio and I started to cry a little (thanks a lot, Josh Groban). We were finally home, for Christmas, for good. It felt so...

Pictures of Dylan

We’re starting the process of receiving and uploading pictures of our nephew, Dylan.  For now, take a look at the few pictures we have so far (courtesy of Allison’s sister, Lisa).  He’s very cute and we can’t wait to see him in person in five weeks. View Dylan pictures HERE!

Stuff We Like

Currently watching: NBC’s Monday night line-up Mood: Couch potato On any given day, I’ll run across some product, recipe, Web site, TV show, or other random thing that Andy and/or I like.  We thought we’d use this category on the blog to share all the unique, fun, and interesting things that we happen to like,...